Making light material II

selection 2007 – 2015

A. City Sculptures

B. Interiors

C. Vietnam series

D. Korean series

E. Turkish series – Collection Light Writing

Summary project Light Writing

After seeing documentation of my work Mrs. Amélie Edgü, director of Millî Reasürans Art Gallery/Istanbul and I, concluded that we share a strong interest in architecture. To be more precise: the creation of space or the representation of space in which the play of light is the determining factor. We discovered a common interest in the Modern movement where the artists and architects who were related to the Dutch movement De Stijl, German Bauhaus and Russian Constructivists played a decisive role. Apart from fine arts exhibitions and projects, Mrs. Edgü presents the works of  leading Turkish and foreign architects in the gallery and edits monographs on their works as well. Furthermore, Mrs. Edgü and I also share a common interest in history.

I never  focused on working in a certain tradition, but during the years I realized that my fascination for clarity, and my link to spatiality and depth, is in fact part of a rich Dutch tradition. The essence of the project Light Writing was that we wanted to confront my way of working with the approach of leading Turkish architects in order to create room in a given three-dimensional situation. The decisive element in this meeting of two worlds is the use of light/white. How does light give shape to a constructed space and what is my response as a painter to these room impressions. While selecting we decided not to limit ourselves to contemporary architecture only. We also wanted to involve different types of buildings, from large public projects and mosques to private houses.

In this section you’ll find a selection of paintings which from the result of this promising project.


F. Other exhibition series